Clean and Seal Your Valuable Concrete Surfaces

perfect-power-wash-picYou care about your home looking its best. If your driveway and other concrete surfaces are dirty, curb appeal suffers. Even worse, unprotected concrete is much more susceptible to damage. During the winter season, the concrete soaks up moisture. The moisture freezes and expands, and come spring, you are left with ugly cracks. There is a solution: Concrete cleaning and sealing from your local Perfect Power Wash.

Our certified technicians are the experts at beautifying and maintaining concrete surfaces all around your home: your driveway, patio, walkways, front porch and stoop. We use high pressure along with a cleanser to rid your concrete surfaces of all contaminants and then we finish with a deep penetrating, siloxane sealer.

perfect-power-wash-pic-2The science of our process is truly in our sealer. Siloxane has very little surface tension, so it is easily absorbed into concrete. Because it is highly flexible and aligns itself near the top of most porous surfaces, like concrete, siloxane is an ideal shield—it protects against dirt, water and other contaminants while also allowing the concrete to breathe.

At Perfect Power Wash, we put our expertise and passion for power washing to work every day for our clients. We’ve washed more than 20,000,000 square feet of concrete! Let us clean, seal, and protect your home’s valuable concrete surfaces next.

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