The Normandy Senior Living: Life Happens Here

Halloween Party 2015

Halloween Party 2015

There is always lots to do at The Normandy Senior Living in Rocky River. “Life Happens Here” is the motto, and both the Normandy Apartments and Care Center fulfill that mission every day!

The Apartments are as private and independent as your current residence, and the daily calendar is filled with activities. From outings to places like Playhouse Square and Stocker Arts Center for entertainment, to in-house activities like games, movies and hobby clubs, there is never a dull moment! A highlight is Normandy U., a program unique to the Normandy Senior Living that hosts professional learning opportunities at the Apartments.

“Participation in clubs, volunteer efforts and other community pursuits may be valuable in maintaining your overall health,” says Tracey of the Normandy Apartments team. “Many of these activities are available right here and this is why you have chosen The Normandy.” From lunches out to places like Don’s Lighthouse, Heck’s Cafe and Heck’s, outings are teamed with visits to locales such as the Maltz Museum, Patterson Farms and BA Sweeties.

If you want to stay in, Saturday and Sunday movies nights offer Hollywood titles. “There are many ways to stay socially active in your community, and these activities will provide the greatest connection to others,” says Tracey. Also of importance are worship services both in-house as well as transportation to St. Christopher, Bay Presbyterian, RR United Methodist and Lakewood Presbyterian Churches. Browns tailgate parties at the Apartments after church!


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