Rain Barrels N’ MORE Opens in Former Bonne Bell Building

rst_7638-1Owner Ann Gedeon built a great following at her Rainbarrels N’ More location at Bradley and Center Ridge Roads in Westlake through the past few years.

But, the building changed hands. So Annie has found an exciting NEW location within the old Bonne Bell building at 1006 Crocker Road in Westlake

rst_7646-5At Rain Barrels N’ MORE, they  specialize in Fully Assembled Rain Barrels and Rain Water Containers complete with the RainReserveTM Diverter, ready to attach to your downspout. Once this unique system is attached, you can begin saving hundreds of dollars by collecting and using free, crystal clear, naturally soft, rain water for all your home and garden needs.

“At Rain Barrels N’ MORE, we’re not just about rain barrels,” says Annie. “We carry a full line of composters, tumblers, stands, and accessories to transform your yard waste and kitchen scraps into nutritious compost that feeds plants and improves soil.”

The RainReserveTM  System is a patented closed rain water diverter system. It is a simple way to collect and divert rain water from your downspout into a rain water container. When full, the rain water automatically returns back up the hose and into your downspout, preventing erosion and damage to your foundation!

Stop by soon!


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