Candid Camera: Westlake Car Prowler in Action

In the early morning  hours of Nov. 18, a prowler or prowlers rummaged through or tried to enter a number of unlocked cars parked on Mendelssohn Dr., Beethoven Dr., Brahms Dr., and Queens Ct. in Westlake, report Police.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

Items such as a cigar cutter, knife, lighter, cash, Rx medicine, credit and gift cards, sunglasses, and hockey sticks were taken.

An area resident’s CCTV system caught one suspect trying the doors on his LOCKED cars. The time would be approximately  4:10 a.m. on Nov. 18.  The suspect is believed to be around 5-9 160lbs. He is wearing a cap with ear flaps, a hooded sweatshirt with a semi-circular logo on the front, a drawstring bag with a very distinctive design, and two-tone tennis shoes.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect should call Westlake PD at 440.871.3311.