Fast Food Prank Delivers Homeowner Indigestion

A fast food plague has arrived at the home of a Beethoven Dr. woman in Westlake. The prank played out as 12 false pizza, Chinese food, and sandwich orders were delivered to her house and Westlake workplace between Oct. 30 and Nov. 13. Numerous delivery chains have also been misled by the unknown suspect.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

Daddy’s Home

A Holly Lane. dad came home on Nov. 13 to find his 16yoa daughter and a 22yoa Middleburgh Hts. man in their underwear. The male, who was previously told to stay away from the girl, ran off. The Prosecutor will consider an Interference with Custody charge.

Woman Kicks Cop

A 32yoa Cleveland woman was stopped by Mentor PD on Nov. 11 and found to have a WPD warrant. The two departments met on E. 9th St. to turn her over, whereupon she tried to run away, then kicked the WPD officer in the chest. Assault on a Police Officer was added to her previous charges.

Bum Charges

On. Nov. 11, a Clemens Rd. business reported $2100 in bum charges had been made on a company credit card, which was then found to be missing. The charges were made at a store in Brooklyn.

A Bassett Rd. man reported a credit card fraud on Nov. 11. He received an email regarding his new charge account, which he did not apply for; the account was cancelled.  

A 38yoa Cleveland woman ran up a $1300 bill at a Clemens Rd. hotel, then checked out without settling up on Nov. 12. A felony Theft warrant has been issued for her.  

Miscellaneous Mayhem

The catalytic converter was cut off an Avon man’s 2005 Honda CRV on Nov. 11. It was parked at a Clague Rd. office building.

The passenger in a Detroit Rd. traffic violator’s vehicle had active warrants from WPD and Strongsville PD, so he found it advisable to give false ID info to an officer on Nov. 11. That chicanery was quickly seen through and the 37yoa Lakewood man added a MisID charge to the other arrests.

A Center Ridge Rd. couple fought over the 27yoa man’s tardiness on Nov. 12. The 22yoa woman broke items, slapped him, and left with their 1month old child. She was arrested for DV a few hours later.

An IL woman staying at a Sperry Dr. hotel found that her 2008 Cadillac Escalade had been scratched on both sides. The damage was done on the night of Nov. 15.

A Columbia Rd. couple spat on each other on Nov. 16, two days after a TPO against the 65yoa wife was lifted. She also claimed that her 62yoa husband closed a door on her. Prosecutor to rule.


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