Westlake Police: Thanksgiving Leftovers

What to keep that thankful feeling alive even though Thanksgiving? Then be happy you don’t know any of the turkeys in this version of of the Westlake Police Thanksgiving Leftovers blotter!

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence took its holiday upswing last week with several tales of family violence.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

A 40 yoa Cleveland man reported that the 28 yoa mother of his two children hit and bit him at his Canterbury Rd. workplace on Nov. 18. 3 days later he decided not to cooperate with the DV investigation.

-An intoxicated 24yoa Springfield man got into a shouting match with his brother and another man on Nov. 18 in the parking lot of a Sperry Dr. motel. He could not be calmed down and was arrested for DCI.

-A 44yoa West Avalon Dr. man and his 42yoa wife argued over use of a cell phone on Nov. 20, after which they exchanged blows, the male pushed the female down, and the female threw water on the male. The husband was arrested for DV.

-On Nov. 23, a 25yoa Cedarwood Dr. woman reported that her estranged 33yoa husband hit, pushed, and kneed her on Sept. 19. He has since moved to NY while the victim seeks a divorce. He has a prior DV conviction, making the latest offense a felony. The officer has not been able to contact him for his side, although his mother called to protest his innocence. A warrant will be obtained for him.  

Five Finger Discounts

A 51yoa North Olmsted woman has been suspected of past thefts from a Porter Rd. business. On Nov. 19, she was back acting suspiciously. Staff members got her license plate number and when officers went to her home, they recovered $110 worth of property. She was arrested for Petty Theft, PCT (using her car to transport the stolen goods), and Trespassing (she was hanging around the store before it opened for business). She has been banned from the property.

-18 and 19yoa Amherst women were stopped by the staff of a Detroit Rd. store for shoplifting on Nov. 21. They took $190 worth of merchandise without paying. Both were arrested for Petty Theft.

-An intoxicated $36 Marview Dr. woman could not pay for her $36 cab fare on Nov. 23. Both the credit cards she proffered were declined. She was arrested for DCI and Petty Theft.  

Trafficking Violence

A Nov. 20 hit-skip crash on the I90 westbound exit ramp at Crocker Rd. was aggravated by the suspect driver (55yoa Westlake man) throwing a beer bottle at the other driver’s car. He then fled to a nearby Ranney Pkwy. business where he works, followed by the other driver and a witness. He went inside after another confrontation and then snuck out a different door before officers arrived. His attorney called a few days later to report that he would not make a statement. Prosecutor to rule.

-The passenger door on a Lorain woman’s 2011 Chevrolet Malibu was damaged by BBs on Nov. 19 while parked at a Crocker Rd. church. She suspects an ex-friend whom she has little information about.


A 31yoa Cleveland man was found passed out at a Center Ridge Rd. business in his 2007 Jeep Cherokee on Nov. 20. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested for Physical Control. A loaded 9mm pistol was found on the front seat, leading to an additional charge of Using Weapons While Intoxicated.

-A 30yoa North Ridgeville woman tore the front end off of her 2010 Kia Forte on Nov. 23. She had run  off the road on Hilliard Blvd. and hit a tree, then tried to limp her headlight-less vehicle home. An officer stopped her on Detroit Rd. and arrested her for OVI. She gave a .185 breath sample and was also cited for Failure to Control .and Headlights Required.  

Bar Fight

A fistfight broke out at a Center Ridge Rd. bar on Nov. 20 between a 22yoa Euclid man, a 43yoa Westlake man, and a 54yoa Bay Village man.  A 35yoa Lakewood man was also involved, but left the scene before officers arrived. All declined medical treatment for scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

Lock it or Lose it

A Cleveland man left his 2015 Toyota RAV4 unlocked in a Union St. garage on Nov. 20. A bag containing Rx medications was taken.

Missing but Safe

A 90yoa Oberlin man was found driving his 2009 Hyundai Elantra along Detroit Rd. with a flat tire on Nov. 21. He suffers from dementia and had been reported missing to Oberlin PD. He was brought back to WPD and released to his wife.


A Hall Dr. man spotted two prowlers in his front yard on Thanksgiving. They ran off when he yelled at them. A small amount of change may have been taken from the two unlocked vehicles in his driveway.



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