Bay Village Police Alert: It’s Porch Theft Season

The Bay Village Police would like to remind all residents to be mindful of the fact this type of crime occurs at all times of the year, but is more prevalent during the holiday season.  Try to have any packages delivered to a secure location or require someone be present in order to sign for it.police_bay-village2_disclaimer

The first of the season’s porch thefts was reported on 120616, at 14:52 hrs. An officer was dispatched to Ednil Dr. address on the report that a package had been delivered, but then apparently stolen off the front porch. An item had been ordered from Amazon. When it did not arrive as expected the purchaser called Amazon to make inquiry. An employee of UPS called to state the package had been delivered on 112916. A theft report was taken.


On 120816, at 15:51 hrs, an officer was dispatched to a Columbia Rd. address to take a Menacing report. The 38-year-old resident said early in the morning he had been at a Cleveland casino with his cousin. The cousin won money and lent $900 to the victim. At some point during the night the victim wanted to leave, but the cousin did not. The victim left his cousin at the casino. At about 07:30 hrs the cousin showed up, pounding on the front door. He was unhappy about being left stranded and wanted his money back. Allegedly there was a verbal, and then physical altercation. The cousin eventually left, but throughout the day made threatening phone calls and texts to the victim. On 120916, at 23:12 hrs, the 21-year-old cousin, who lives in North Olmsted, came to the police station and gave a statement about his version of events. The investigation is still pending.


On 120616, at 11:20 hrs, an officer on routine patrol stopped a Ford on East Oakland Rd. near Forestview Rd. after observing it weaving and going left of center. After failing field sobriety tests the 49-year-old operator, who lives on Vineland Rd., was arrested and taken back to the station. He was processed and released on Personal Bond.


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