Botanical Bypass Leads to Westlake Pot Bust


Some wayward botanist shipped 3 marijuana plants to the former Elyria location of a current Westlake Clemens Road business recently, along with a pleasing selection of pot and hydroponic farming t-shirts, report Westlake Police in the Jan. 20 non-inaugural report for the weekly Wall of Regrets.

The package ended up being routed to the company’s Westlake facility. It had originated in Colorado and was received on Jan. 13. The pothead fashion garb and plants were turned over to the Lorain Co. Drug Task Force.

Mom’s Heartache


Pothead fashion garb.

A Westlake woman is getting texts from her estranged adult son’s unpaid dope dealers threatening harm to him if he doesn’t pony up. His response to her; don’t worry about it and don’t call the cops. Mom did not take that advice, contacting WPD on Jan. 15.Officers are checking her home regularly, even though the son won’t tell mom where he is living.

Crocker Credit Cruise

2 New Yorkers (23and 21yoa) and a Virginian (28yoa) were arrested on Jan. 17 in possession of multiple fake IDs, cloned credit cards, and the tools to make them. They were arrested after a Crocker Rd. traffic stop in which they all gave false names. All three were charged with Engaging in Corrupt Activity; additional charges such as RSP, PCT, and Obstructing Official Business will be sought when their cases are presented to the Grand Jury.


Credit card encoder

False Credit Card Charges Top $2K

Two charges totaling $2268 were made on a North Ridgeville woman’s credit card on Jan. 12. She had just made a legit purchase via the Internet from her Westlake workplace when the bogus ones popped up. The retailer where the illicit purchases were made could not provide the victim with any info on them.


Spenser Wall of Regret-1-2

Wall of Regret 2017

A 36yoa Westlake man got his drink on to excess on Jan. 15. He was trying to get into someone else’s Saddlebrook Dr. home, even after being told he was at the wrong place and to beat it.  He was arrested for DCI.

Gone with the Goods

A 19yoa Fairview Park woman and a 17yoa Cleveland girl fled a Crocker Park Blvd. store on Jan. 14 after being confronted by store staff. They were filling bags (modified to defeat the store’s anti-theft system) with merchandise. Both were caught nearby. They face charges of Attempted Petty Theft, Obstructing Official Business, and Possession of Criminal Tools.

Concert Caper

An unknown international devotee of singer Stevie Nicks bought $1100 worth of concert tickets via the Internet, using a Sherwood Dr. man’s credit card account. The victim may or may not be a fan, but he did not authorize the purchase; the account was closed after he reported the theft on Jan. 14. (Full disclosure: this officer saw the star perform with Fleetwood Mac in 1977 (Richfield) and again in 1978 (Muny Stadium), back when a teenager of modest means could afford such entertainments).

Crocker Park Heist

A Crocker Rd. business was burgled sometime Jan. 14-16. $6500 worth of antiques and books were taken after an interior door was forced.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

Calling Dr. Phil

A 37yoa Bay Village woman reported an unusual TPO violation on Jan. 17. She believes that her husband has closed 3 credit card accounts and a bank account of hers, contrary to the terms of a TPO that she has against him. Prosecutor to rule.

A 23yoa Westlake woman just cannot get enough of WPD and RRMC. She has two  telecommunications harassment cases pending against her, plus a previous conviction for that offense in 2011. She contacted the same victim from the pending cases again via social media on Jan. 17; a felony warrant has been issued for her.


The Double Tree hotel was defrauded of $2300 worth of food, drink, lodgings, and amenities over the MLK weekend. Someone booked three rooms under one name; another person tried to check in, but his credit card was declined. He provided a fake authorization number and the party was on. Meals, movies. room service, and bar drinks were all charged to the rooms; the occupants absconded before being presented with the final bill.

A $3400 necklace is missing from a Bassett Rd. home since Dec. 2015. The home was being remodeled, but the victim holds the contractor above suspicion.

$2200 was withdrawn from a Horseshoe Blvd. woman’s bank account on Jan. 18 and transferred to another bank. She is unable to locate the credit card associated with her account as well.

A Clague Rd. man is out $600 after items he purchased on Dec. 23 via Instagram never arrived. As of Jan. 19, the seller was not responding to the victim’s inquiries either.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A car stolen in Cleveland on Dec. 11 turned up in a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot on Jan. 13. It had a peeled column and was impounded.

The front door of a Forest Brook Ov. Home was kicked in on Jan. 13. Cash, personal papers, and jewelry were taken.

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