A Very Special Valentine’s at The Normandy Care Center

DSC_2103-28Valentine’s Day was celebrated in a very special way at The Normandy Care Center in Rocky River last Saturday as children from the Epic Youth Group stopped in to work with residents on Valentine’s crafts and enjoy a holiday party.

The Epic Youth Group brought lots of smiles and good times as they laughed with the residents and shared punch and cookies. The children even offered a fresh flower to every resident.

Amanda Mirza, founder of the Epic Youth Group, started the organization several years ago as a way for Muslim children to learn and grow together, build confidence and enjoy feelings of acceptance.


DSC_2095-23My main concern was for ALL children, to love and practice our faith in God daily, while keeping it enjoyable for them. We come together on a weekly basis and a few things we commit to learning include: Virtue, weekly affirmation, monthly prayer reward chart, short stories about prophets, tips & tricks for everyday use, morals and manners, exercise, games, crafts, and volunteer work to name a few,” says Amanda.

The group currently comes together every first Sunday of the month, to spend time with and volunteer helping refugees (old and new families).

“We provide items they need on a daily basis, i.e. clothes, shoes, food, kitchen needs, blankets, etc,” says Amanda.

DSC_2050-4Last weekend’s trip to The Normandy Care Center was the first for the group. “We all experienced something amazing! Not only did we go there with the intention to share our love and put smiles on the residents’ faces, but the children had an amazing time as well. We shared stories, made a craft, had snacks and then played a few rounds of Bingo!” says Amanda.

“Most children who came do not have the experience dealing with elderly and that was my goal, to bring them together to help create a sense of compassion and empathy for others.

DSC_2086-19“My parents raised my brother and I with the same concept and made sure we were always helping others while spreading love.”

All are well aware of what is currently happening in this world we live in, how the news can make anyone look differently to the rest of the world. Raising children in today’s society is not only difficult, but harder than others may be aware of. The Epic Youth Group is proof positive that connecting with one another in the spirit of love, respect and understanding is still the American way.

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