Seniors Scuffle Over Handicap Parking Spot

Senior citizens got into it over a handicapped parking space on Clague Road this week, report Westlake Police.

The fisticuffs occurred when a  76 year old Berea man and an unidentified suspect got into a scuffle over a handicap parking space in a Clague Rd. lot on Feb. 28.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

The victim confronted the other man over his using the parking space without a handicap placard and was pushed down for his trouble.

Bystanders overheard the suspect make further threats against the victim before he left.

Wallet Lifted, $3200 Gone

A Westlake woman’s wallet was lifted while she lunched at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Feb. 24. A credit card was used for a $3200 cash advance at a Chase bank branch and for a $34 purchase at a Main St. shoe store.

A 31yoa Bedford Hts. man tried to pass himself off as a relative after a Feb. 24 traffic stop on Detroit Rd. His chicanery was seen through and he was cited for DUS, Traffic Control Device, Seatbelt Required, and Expired Plates. He was arrested for MisID and on warrants from Cuyahoga Hts. and Garfield Hts. PDs.2-23-17 Nationwide Car Care

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