Up a Tree: Arboreal Camper Can’t Hang Around in Bay

One of Bay Village Police Department’s strangest calls of the year came on  04/26/2017, at 12:14 PM when an officer was dispatched to the report of a suspicious male at the intersection of Forest Drive and West Oviatt.

The caller claimed this man was up in a tree and despite a rope hanging down and some type of bag on the sidewalk he did not appear to cutting down or trimming the tree.police_bay-village2_disclaimer

Upon arrival the officer noted on the sidewalk at the northeast corner of the intersection a folded blanket, a rug and some type of nylon equipment bag standing about 3.5 feet high. A large rope, and another smaller rope, were hanging down from 50 feet up in the tree where a male, wearing a red helmet could be seen.

The officer yelled up at the male, since conversation in a normal tone of voice would’ve been impossible, “Hello. It’s the Bay Village Police. What are you doing up there?”

The helmeted male politely hollered back, “Hello, officer. I’m setting up a hammock so that I can sleep up here tonight.”

The 47-year old male, visiting from Fort Lauderdale, was advised he was in a tree belonging to the City of Bay Village and therefore would not be spending the night.

Once safely nestled upon terra firma he told the officer he had received specialized tree climbing training at a school in Oregon.  He has travelled all over the world and with his equipment and training has done this many, many times.

Baby Formula Swiped from Walgreen’s

On 04/27/2017, at 08:06 PM, the station received a 911 call from Walgreens reporting a theft of over $400 worth of baby formula. The male suspect was spotted at the northwest corner of Wolf and Cahoon Roads. When the male realized he had been seen he began running. As he ran, he began tossing cans of stolen merchandise onto the ground. He ran down into the Cahoon Creek ravine where, after a foot pursuit, he was taken into custody. At the station, after being given his Miranda Rights, the male said he was a heroin addict. He was going to sell the baby formula for money in order to buy heroin. The 26-year old male from Berea was found to have warrants from three other police departments. He was held without bond in order to see a judge or magistrate.