Expensive Date for Westlake Man

Talk about your expensive dates!

A Westlake man is out a ton of dough after falling victim to an internet dating scheme, report Westlake Police. He took up with a 40 year old Columbus woman in August 2016 after meeting her online. Unauthorized credit card purchases started coming in by November, including $2000 in cash withdrawals and $9500 in purchases. Someone also filed a phony 2016 IRS return using his ID.

Adding to the pain, he suspects the female stole his $2000 set of golf clubs.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

The banks have credited his account for the purchases, but not the cash withdrawals.

Like Bob Seger sang in “Sunspot Baby,” she “Charged up a fortune on my credit card/She used my address and my name/Man that was sure unkind.”

Not so Nice

In another dating fiasco, a different Westlake man wasn’t so kind to the gal he was riding with on I-90 on April 28. The Cleveland woman got into it with her Westlake boyfriend while driving along the interstate when, reported the 25-year old woman to police, she and her 26 year old  beau of 7 years argued. He pulled over, pushed her out, and left. She was uninjured and could not give officers the male’s address. She was subsequently turned over to Lakewood PD on an unrelated warrant.



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