Honda Tires and Rims Heisted from Bay Driveway

A Bay Village resident was surprised the early morning hours of June 13 to hear a noise from his Normandy Road driveway and awake the next morning to discover all four tires and rims from his 2014 Honda Accord had been stolen. The car had been placed on blocks.

According to Bay Police, “On 06/13/2017, at 12:10 PM, a Normandy Road resident reported someone stole all four tires and rims off his 2014 Honda Accord. At about 01:00 AM he had been awakened by his dog barking at something outside. He got out of bed and looked out his front window. He noticed a dark colored, possibly black, vehicle backing into his driveway. It immediately drove away west bound. He assumed the driver had just been turning around. When the resident went out to his Honda later in the morning he found it sitting on two landscaping type pavers. The lug nuts had been left behind. Estimated value of the loss is $1,300.

“As an aside, if you were to search the internet with the phrase “Honda tires stolen” you will find that this particular type of theft occurs nationally at an alarming rate. You will also find suggestions for making it more difficult for the thieves.”

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