Fireworks and Fisticuffs in Bay

Fisticuffs followed the fireworks in Bay Village the evening of July 4 as a man who sought to protect his family from the amateur hour taking place nearby bought him a punch to the face from the party animals.

According to police:  “On 07/04/2017, at 11:15 PM, the station received a 911 call from a resident on Osborn, near Forest, stating her husband had been assaulted and injured by her neighbor who lives in the house, which abuts to the rear.

“Responding officers found it was not the husband, but a guest, who was bleeding from injuries to his face. The neighbors on West Oakland had been having a party and were discharging fireworks, ‘as big as the ones from Bay Days,’ according to one witness.

Fireworks started to be shot towards the complainant’s house where children in the backyard were almost hit by the fireworks exploding, says the police report.

After the children were safely taken inside, the resident and a guest went towards the rear fence to try to talk to his neighbor about what had happened. They were speaking to the neighbor and some of his party-goers when someone struck the victim. The Bay Village squad transported him. The detective bureau is continuing their investigation.

Purse Snatcher Nabbed at Bay Days

Advice to all you would-be male purse-snatchers out there: If you snatch a purse make sure it matches your shoes. It might make the crime less obvious.

A purse-snatcher who didn’t get away with it was nabbed at Bay Days on the evening of July 4.

An auxiliary officer noticed a male carrying a purse at 10:15 p.m. as the community fireworks display concluded. When the male spotted the officer, he dropped the purse and continued walking.

The auxiliary officer picked up the purse and advised a nearby police officer of what he had observed. The officer and the auxiliary caught up to the male and asked him about what had occurred. The suspect denied any knowledge of the purse. After being identified, the 45-year old male from Elyria was released. The following day it was determined that the owner of the purse from North Ridgeville had reported it stolen out of her baby’s stroller. The detective bureau is doing follow up.


What does it mean when someone scratches the word ‘Die’ on your Avis rent-a-car? On 07/04/2017, at 11:47 AM, an officer was dispatched to the area of Electric, near Vineland for a report of Criminal Damage. A guest at the residence had parked his Avis rental, 2017 Ford Mustang with 235 miles on the odometer, in the driveway. Overnight someone had scratched the word “DIE” into the passenger side door. Information was gathered and forwarded to the detective bureau.


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