Funny Money Sent to Westlake Apartment Office

A letter addressed to a fictitious ‘Dan Kay’ was not ‘OK’ with authorities in Westlake last week when the envelope was found to contain 32 phony $20 bills.

Westlake Police got call on Jan. 29 from the Detroit Rd. Apartment Complex Leasing Office that they had received a letter in the US mail addressed to “Dan Kay”.  

As there was no one at the business by that name, they opened the letter to find that there were 32 counterfeit $20 bills contained inside!

The return address was listed in Colorado.  During the investigation, the officers and detectives worked together to learn that a resident of the apartment complex had been in the office looking for an envelope and in fact had picked up packages at the leasing office in the past.  The male, a 20 year old Westlake resident, was identified and arrested.  He was charged with Criminal Simulation through Rocky River Municipal Court.  The United States Secret Service was also notified of the arrest.

Dream Weaver

On 1/28/18 a Westlake patrol officer noticed that a vehicle was weaving so much on Westwood Rd that the tires of the SUV actually left the roadway.  The male operator was stopped and admitted to using his phone “to listen to music” (Was it the oldie Dream Weaver?)  Unfortunately for the 22 year old from Fairview Park, he and his vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana.  Investigation revealed that he was in possession of marijuana pipes, a grinder, and narcotic pills without an actual prescription.  He also had an open container of beer.  The male was arrested and his vehicle was towed.  He was ultimately charged with possession of drugs, paraphernalia, open container, as well as a traffic violation.

Cold Dip

On Saturday 1/27/18 a resident reported that their unoccupied pool house had been entered by a person or persons unknown.  A $500 television, alcohol and cigars were reporting missing.  There were no signs of forced entry.  Detectives are following up with possible evidence.

Road Rage Leads to Arrests

On 1/31/18 at approx. 8:08AM WPD received a 911 call from the operator of a vehicle on I-90 that he and his passenger were involved in a road rage incident involving the occupants of a black pickup truck.

The truck followed them off the highway and into a parking lot off of Crocker Rd.  Officers arrived and began investigating the incident.  They discovered that the vehicles were actually involved in a minor traffic accident in Avon which led to the ongoing altercation.  When speaking with the occupants of the original vehicle, the driver was found to have a warrant for his arrest.  The 29 year old was arrested and turned over to another agency on their active warrant.  The occupants of the other vehicle also had some issues.  The 27 year old driver out of Vermilion admitted that he had marijuana in the pickup.  He was later charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.  During the investigation a passenger, a 26 year out of Lorain, lied to the officers about his real name.  When finally properly identified, it turned out he had an active felony warrant.  He was arrested for obstructing and for the warrant.  Another passenger, a 51 year old out of Lorain was also charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Shoplifter Arrested  

On 2/1/18 employees of a Detroit Rd department store reported that they were watching a suspected shoplifter inside as he concealed items in his cart.  Offices responded and waited as the male exited the store without paying for $489.88 in merchandise.  The male, a 29 year old out of Avon, was arrested without incident after he threw a baggie containing a narcotic pill on the ground.  He was charged with misdemeanor drug possession as well as theft and possession of criminal tools.

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