Rose Senior Living Avon: Help with Downsizing

Mike Ivan of Caring Transitions

Rose Senior Living Avon is committed to creating the best life possible for residents as they transition to a new home.

One big issue facing many seniors is downsizing. To help with this challenge, RSL Avon hosted a presentation by Mike Ivan of Caring Transitions last week. The senior relocation-downsizing-estate sale services of this company offer a stress-free solution to the prospects of sifting through a lifetime of accumulations. “50 years in a home can mean an accumulation of a lot of life and lot of memories,” said Mike. “Our fully insured bonded and trustworthy employees will take you from feeling overwhelmed to a stress-free experience.”

With that simple promise, Mike represents one of 200-plus Caring Transition outlets nationwide that can turn “downsizing to rightsizing,” says Mike.

With a CRTS certification, Caring Transitions carries a professional accreditation mark of ethics and excellence in the field of relocation and move management.

What’s important to keep? What happens to the rest? “We help families avoid the stress by managing the process from start to finish,” says Mike. “Our downsizing experts quickly organize and sort rooms full of items with care and respect, ‘right-sizing’ possession to fit a new living space and take care of the rest.” That can mean holding an estate sale, selling items, or donating to bring a total solution that leaves a home clean, helping families find comfort and relief.

Please call (440) 508-4957 for info.

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