SocksPLUS Program Helps the Homeless

Community West Foundation is a local philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting organizations that provide the basic needs of food, clothing, and medical care to the most needy in and around Western Cuyahoga County.

The Foundation approaches philanthropy with imagination and encourages efforts to strengthen the health and well being of our community by raising awareness of the issues that affect us all – including homelessness.

For many people in our community, homelessness is very real, and the largest growing segment is families with children who do not have a place to call home. The plight of the homeless is an issue that the Foundation cares deeply about and they have taken a proactive position in helping the least of our brothers and sisters.

After learning that socks are the most requested item among homeless people, the SocksPLUS Program at Community West Foundation was created. The project collects socks, plus many of the other necessities that our homeless neighbors need most.

SocksPLUS has evoked emotion, impact and action. It has grown from an idea into a community movement. A network of “Tribes” have believed in and supported this effort to provide for our homeless neighbors. Hundreds of people have joined Community West Foundation – our neighbors, community partners, businesses, faith based organizations, schools, civic organizations, and so many more.

A gift of just $10.00 will help purchase 10 pairs of socks. A larger donation provides socks PLUS gloves, hats, shoes, boots, backpacks, and other necessities that are so desperately needed. And, when you support SocksPLUS, 100% of your donation is used immediately to provide caring assistance to our struggling neighbors.

The call to love our neighbor is universal and those facing homelessness need our help desperately – not only at the holiday season, but all year round. You can become part of this movement to bring hope and comfort to the homeless. Start your own tribe or donate today. Learn more about SocksPLUS at

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