Avon East Students Interview Mayor Jensen

Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen with Mrs. Schenkelberg’s second grade class at Avon East Elementary School.

It was a lesson in democracy at Avon East Elementary School the morning of April 30 as Mayor Bryan Jensen stopped by teacher Jean Schenkelberg’s second grade class for a ‘press’ conference.

Prior to his visit, students assembled a variety of questions for Mayor Jensen to field. He answered them all with transparency, including personal inquiries like, “Where do you live?” and “Do you have a pet?”

Just as important, the Mayor was asked about civics-related issues like, “Do you vote?” “Yes,” said Mayor Jensen. “Voting is one of the most important things a citizen can do. It is the one thing that is most fundamental to our democracy.”

Mayor Jensen fields questions on local government at Avon East Elementary School.

He was also asked about local issues like traffic and explained to children that the bustling growth of the community requires a lot of planning. One area of attention is the nearby Lear-Detroit intersection, where a roundabout is in the planning stages. Mayor Jensen said a traditional widening of the roads there would require elimination of stately trees in the vicinity – a prospect that can be avoided with a roundabout like the one at Mills and Route 83.

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