Gifted “Wax Museum” Highlights Avon Heritage Project

Genius at Work! Jacob A. got his best Albert Einstein on for all to see!

GIS (Gifted) Wax Museum is a 5th grade project in its 5th year at Avon’s Heritage School. Each year, students choose a person that they feel has made a considerable impact on the world.

After much reading and research, students write a report on the background and impact of their person. Finally, students present a speech from the perspective of their chosen figure, complete with costumes, props, and backgrounds. Parents, peers, and administrators are invited to attend the performance and celebrate the students’ hard work.

“Wax museum is my favorite project of the year,” says teacher Eleanor Shuder. “It gives the students a chance to research a person that piques their interest. Over the years, I’ve had everyone from Queen Victoria to Andy Warhol to Marie Curie. Students sharpen their reading, research and public speaking skills all with the same engaging project.”

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Students participating were: Jacob A. – Albert Einstein; Courtney B. – Coretta Scott King; Alexandria B. – Amelia Earhart; Leah C. – Helen Keller; Corbin D. – Jesus; Camryn D. – Sally Ride; Samantha E. – CJ Walker; Lily F. – Irena Sendler; Matthew H. – Steven Hawkings; Sarah H. – JK Rowling; Mia K. – Malala; Christian L. – Mozart; Chloe L. – Steve Jobs; Jeffrey M. – Marco Polo; Evan M. – Alexander Hamilton; Finn P. – Steve Irwin; Kiera R. – Stan Lee; Angelina R. – Walt Disney; Michele S. – Marie Curie

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