Realistic BB Guns are NOT a Good Idea!

Westlake Police made a traffic stop over the weekend that revealed a realistic BB gun in the vehicle. The incident serves as a reminder that facsimile weapons are NOT a good idea for public carry.

Press release: “On 8/10/19 at about 7:15PM an officer stopped a vehicle on Detroit at Dover for moving and license violations.  When speaking with the driver, the officer noted that he was acting nervous. When the patrolman noticed the back end of a handgun sticking out from next to the driver’s seat the operator was asked to step out of the car.  A search revealed that the realistic looking Glock semi-auto handgun was a BB Gun. The 25yo Westlake resident was arrested for misdemeanor carrying various weapons and his vehicle was towed.

“Note/editorial: this driver did not mention that he had a gun of any type when speaking to the officer.  Although the weapon can only shoot BBs, like many other realistic looking guns out there neither the police nor the public who might see someone carrying it can tell if it is an actual handgun or not. Cases like this can and have ended up with tragic consequences. We are releasing the photo of the replica handgun as an educational warning. *** “

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