Drive Safe: It’s Back to School Time!

Westlake and Bay Village Police have each issued reminders that this in Back-to-School Week, so please drive safely and slowly.

Traffic details will be on the alert for the protection of students.

Westlake Police report: TRAFFIC DETAILS. “You might call them ‘speed traps’ but we call them ‘traffic details.’ There is no trap – if you are speeding or driving aggressively you are being targeted. With the school year coming up and a new school opening on Center Ridge soon, we recognize that safety is an issue. BE WARNED – we will be running these details on Center Ridge Rd during many hours of the day (Hint: when school kids and busses will be coming and going soon {6:15AM-8:30AM and 2:15 PM – 4:15PM}).

“Like” our Facebook page (City of Westlake Ohio Police Dept.)  – we will be posting upcoming traffic details in other areas of the city as we plan them. We reserve the right to run unannounced details as we see fit! That keeps everyone on their toes. DRIVE RESPONSIBLY and WEAR YOUR SEATBELT. That way you won’t have to worry about it!

Bay Police say: BVPD would like to let motorists know that public school resumes on August 15th and St. Raphael’s starts on August 22. As a reminder, school flashers will be activated on Aug. 12 in the area of Bay Schools and Aug. 19 for St. Raphael’s

In addition to the 20 MPH School Zones, please watch for violations of No Turn on Red During restricted hours and watch for stopped school buses. Most importantly, watch for children walking and biking to and from school. Please stay safe, BVPD.





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