Cleveland Indians’ Slider Surprises Centers For Dialysis Care Patient For 104th Birthday

Last week, Slider of the Cleveland Indians surprised one of his oldest fans for a very special birthday celebration! Born in 1915, Ms. Jeanette Malner has been an Indian fan since she was a little girl. Ms. Malner, who turned 104-years-old on August 8th, was thrilled that her favorite member of the team was able to join her for her special day. He even came bearing gifts on behalf of the players, and led a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” before helping his biggest fan cut the cake.

Centers for Dialysis Care (CDC) is a non-profit independent provider of dialysis and related health services to individuals with kidney failure. For over 40 years, CDC has been a leading innovator providing outstanding patient-focused dialysis treatment, education, support, and training. With over 20 programs, we are proud to be Northeast Ohio’s largest dialysis provider.

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