University Hospitals St. John Ortho Roundtable

University Hospitals St. John Medical Center hosted another successful Roundtable Program at the Westlake Recreation Center the evening of Aug. 22.

The Ortho Roundtable showcased a variety of talented healthcare professionals in a program that featured three keynote speakers.

Mehrun Elyrderani, MD, discussed injuries in the active senior and focused on approaches to common ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger.

Irwin Mandel, MD, discussed hand injuries and maintaining dexterity, especially when faced with age related issues like arthritis.

Trent Best, PT, DPT, presented on postural correction exercises and orthopedic hygiene. Did you know that a simple poor posture that does not keep your head erect can add and additional 12-46 pounds of weight to your neck?

“A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Ortho Roundtable. We really had a chance to showcase many talented healthcare professionals, part of the UH team of excellence!” said Mary Kiczek RN BSN, UH St. John Community Outreach Coordinator.

Attendees were also able to meet members of the UH SJMC Healthcare team who provided education, screening and support.

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