Q-Lab Honors Westlake Safety Forces, Employees

Andy Francis and Brad Reis stand beneath the 2022 Top Workplaces banner revealed last week.

Q-Lab Corp., a Westlake-based company located at the north terminus of Canterbury Road has been an international provider of material durability testing products since 1956. They design and manufacture standard test substrates as well as weathering, light stability, and corrosion testers.

Q-Lab annually says thank you to Westlake Fire and Police personnel with a Safety Forces Appreciation Luncheon. Q-Lab hosted this year’s event last Thursday, and also used the day to announce the company has been named as a Plain Dealer “Top Workplaces 2022” awardee for the eighth consecutive year.

“Q-Lab has been manufacturing in Westlake for over 40 years,” said Andy Francis in welcoming guests. “Over those years, our employees have had many, many interactions with Westlake Safety Forces. We have always found you to be responsible, professional, helpful, and a real asset to our community.”

Sharing words from owner/founder Doug Grossman, Andy shared a quote. “Civilized life would be impossible without police protection. The most basic function of government is to protect the citizens from violent individuals who intend to do harm.”

“The police put themselves into all kinds of difficult situations in order to protect us. We appreciate the dedicated members of our police force for handling a challenging and often thankless job.”

Turning to the firefighters, he said, “Fire has been destroying lives ever since humans built the first huts out of sticks and thatch. Today, when fire gets out of hand, we here at Q-Lab know we can run away to our designated rally points because we know that the firefighting team will run TOWARDS the danger. If we ever have a fire, we have absolute confidence that the Westlake Fire Department can handle it.”

“Thank you to all of you. We truly appreciate the essential role you perform in keeping our community safe!”

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