Here Come the Super Kids…

Super Kids Unite!

Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio is a registered non-profit organization that performs random acts of kindness for children facing adversity.

Each year during their annual, signature event in Avon, dozens of children are honored as the REAL heroes they are.

These ‘Super Kids’ are children overcoming illness and adversity in true SUPER HERO fashion.

The event? The City of Avon is in danger each year, and the children are pressed into action in a virtual comic book come to life. The kids are called upon to assist the comic book legends in capturing various super villains who have set up tasks and puzzles all around the city’s aquatic center park and facility.

Is this really Mayor Bryan Jensen or another Skrull in disguise?

ONLY the ‘Super Kids’ are brave enough to thwart their efforts, and turn the city back over to the forces of good!

“We could NOT have done this amazing event again without the help of the City of Avon, Mayor Bryan Jensen and his staff, all the amazing non profits, the celebrities who appeared to assist, our gracious volunteers, and the ‘Super Kids’ and Families,” reports founder Brian Chulik.

‘Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio’ is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity not affiliated with Marvel, Disney, D.C. or any other similar group or company. All acts are done in a charitable tone. They make absolutely no money from what they do. Find more about the mission, and how to volunteer & donate at

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