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This is a reminder of the school bus laws of Ohio. There is no excuse for someone to drive past a bus loading or unloading students (with stop sign deployed and red lights flashing). WPD is giving the routes special attention and are taking reports from school bus drivers after violations. Educate yourself and do not put the kids in danger!

School Bus Scofflaw Ticketed

On 09/28/2022, at 1136 hrs, a Bay Village City Bus driver reported that someone had passed his stopped school bus. He was stopped on Wolf Rd. near Bradley with his stop sign deployed and red lights flashing letting students off when he was passed by a vehicle. After reviewing the video and a brief investigation, the driver was identified. The female, a 44-yoa Avon Lake resident, was cited for Passing a Stopped Bus. She will face charges at RRMC.

School Bus Cameras Installed

Everyone should be aware that the City of Westlake Schools have installed exterior cameras on all of their school buses. These are being used to capture the identity of vehicles that do not stop when the bus has its stop sign deployed and red lights flashing.

Burglar Caught (Quickly)

On Oct. 7 at about 7:42 p.m. Westlake Police received a call from an alarm company indicating that there were multiple break in alarms at a residence on Walden Dr. Officers arrived within minutes and discovered that the rear sliding door had been smashed out. Several officers checked the unoccupied home and confirmed that the suspect was already gone. It appeared that the burglar made off with jewelry.

Westlake Police patrol officers and detectives investigated the scene and collected evidence. In LESS THAN 7 HOURS a 70- year old Cleveland male was in custody for the residential burglary.

The photo above shows Det. Kalo receiving a commendation for his work in this case. He remembered a suspect who was arrested by Westlake Police in 2005 after committing a burglary in a very similar fashion. Using available technology, detectives confirmed that the same man was in the area of this burglary. When confronted, the career burglar admitted to the break-in. Jewelry was recovered. The 70-year old was charged with F2 burglary and is being held in the Westlake Jail. He was to be arraigned in Rocky River Municipal Court on Tuesday. Connections to prior Westlake burglaries as well as break ins in several neighboring communities are being explored.

GREAT JOB BY ALL WPD officers INVOLVED – especially Det Kalo. Another example of the Westlake Police team striving to fulfill the mission of making Westlake Safer Today.

Quick Change Scam at Rite Aid – Request for Identification

On 7/27/22 at approx. 8:15AM a manager of the Rite Aid at Dover Ctr. and Center Ridge Rd. called to report that one of their clerks was the victim of a quick change scam. A couple entered the store and brought expensive vitamin packs along with gift cards to a cashier. The total of the purchase was well over $1300. Using a ruse and quick talking while the cashier was counting the cash, the couple left with over $1000 in merchandise. WPD detectives are trying to identify the male and female involved in the theft. The photos attached are of the couple. If anyone recognizes them or has any additional information about criminal activity they are encouraged to call the WPD at 440-871-3311. You may remain anonymous.

Man Goes Missing from Dave & Busters

On 10/2/22 at about 10PM WPD received a call about a missing person. A patron of Dave and Busters on First St said that they were having an adult birthday party when a “highly intoxicated” 41yo male went missing. He was described as the caller’s uncle. He had last been seen an hour prior to the report to WPD. Officers searched the area and eventually found the man walking in the area of Detroit and Canterbury. He was transported back to the restaurant/bar and was reunited with his family.

Stranger in the Night

On 10/4/22 at approx. 6:30AM a citizen in the 29000 block of Detroit Rd called 911 to report that she found a male in her 16yo daughter’s bedroom. The mom admitted that the daughter knew the male but the mom did not know he was there. Officers stopped a pick-up truck leaving the area. At first, the 2 males in the truck denied being involved. After being separated, the 19yo driver did admit that he had spent the night at the apartment but that “nothing happened.” The mom did not want to pursue any further investigation but did advise the teen that he was not allowed back at the residence. The male in the passenger seat, a 20yo Cleveland resident, was found to have an entered felony warrant out of Cuyahoga County for Homicide. He was arrested and transported to the Justice Center.

Paypal Scam

On 10/4/22 at about 3PM a resident called to report that they had been the victim of a scam. The victim had received an unsolicited email from Paypal that indicated that there had been a charge to the victim’s account. The citizen called the phone number in the email to check on the charge. The scammer then instructed the victim to download a sharing application on her home computer. After some time, the scammers tried to get the victim to go to a store and buy gift cards to help remedy the fake situation. The victim realized that it was a scam but was too late to stop the criminals from transferring $1000 from a bank account that had been saved on the home computer.

Car in the Thicket

On 10/4/22 at approx. 11PM a caller to WPD reported that they had been involved in a crash on I90 E/B at Dover Center. The vehicle had ended up in a ditch. Officers arrived to find that the Mercury sedan was so far off the highway in a thicket of foliage that it was difficult to see from the pavement. While investigating the one-car crash, the officers noted that the driver was unsteady on his feet and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He complained of an injury so an ambulance was summoned to the scene. The 45yo Coventry Township male was cited with OVI, failure to control and refusing a chemical test. This was his 4th OVI arrest since 2007.

Gun Stolen from Unlocked Car

On 9/14/22 at approx. 11AM a resident on Bel Aire Cir called to report that their vehicle had been entered during the overnight hours. The car had been parked in their residential driveway and had been accidently left unlocked. Missing items included a handgun, sunglasses and a headset. The gun was entered into police databases as being stolen.

Passed Out at the Light

On 9/23/22 at about 5AM officers on patrol noticed a vehicle stopped at a green light on Detroit at Crocker Rd. Upon checking on the occupants, the officers noted that both the driver and passenger were passed out in the car. The vehicle was still in drive. After waking up the driver, investigators noted that he appeared intoxicated and had to hold onto his vehicle to steady himself. The 25yo Westlake resident was field tested and arrested for OVI. He refused a breath test.

Minor in Major Trouble

On 9/25/22 at approx. 5:15AM officers responded to a reported crash between a semi-truck and a sedan on I-90 E/B before Crocker Rd. After confirming that there were no injuries officers spoke with the drivers. The 17yo driver of a Toyota Camry who struck the semi from behind smelled like he had been drinking alcohol. He said he was driving home to Sheffield Lake when the accident happened. He was field tested and arrested for OVI. The male teen misidentified himself to the officers. When they finally tracked down the youth’s mom, she indicated that her son had been in trouble several times and had taken the car without her consent or knowledge. The boy tested over the legal limit for a person of legal drinking age. He was charged with OVI, failure to control, driver’s license required, misidentification and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. His mother picked him up and will have to appear with him in juvenile court.

Matters Made Worse

On 9/27/22 at about 2:50PM an officer noted that a vehicle on I90 E/B was entered as being stolen out of Cleveland PD. The vehicle was stopped in the area of McKinley and both occupants cooperated in stepping from the vehicle when ordered. The passenger admitted that there was a firearm in the car. The driver, a 22yo Cleveland female, explained that they had paid $40 to a friend to “rent” the vehicle for the day. They could only identify the friend as “Teos.” The handgun along with suspected marijuana and paraphernalia were recovered from the car. The driver was arrested and charged with receiving a stolen vehicle, a felony. The passenger, a 21yo Cleveland male, was charged with receiving a stolen vehicle as well as improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle, both felonies.

Gassed at the Pump

On 9/29/22 at approx. 8:15PM a caller at BP Gas at Bradley and Detroit Rds reported that a male at the pumps on a motorcycle was intoxicated. Officers arrived and noted that while there was no license plate on the motorcycle the man did not appear to be impaired. The rider said that he had just bought the bike and was willing to push the vehicle home. The 32 year old Cleveland resident did have a warrant for his arrest from Westlake PD for prior driving under suspension and possession of drug abuse instruments charges. During the investigation the officers located what the man admitted was heroin. He was taken into custody for the drug law violation.

Oh Deer

Westlake Animal Control Officer Jim Wang was recently dispatched to a residence on Elmwood Drive after a concerned citizen found that a doe got tangled in their child’s soccer net. The deer was quickly freed from its predicament and allowed to frolic away! She was warned about the criminal damage to the net.

OVI on Clague

On 09/27/2022, at 0159 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Clague Rd. near Russell for a traffic violation. After speaking with the female driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the driver was arrested for OVI. The 42-yoa Cleveland resident will face charges at RRMC.

Threats Lead to Arrest

On 09/27/2022, at 1927 hrs, a female came to BVPD to report threats that were being made against her and her uncle by her uncle’s roommate. The female stated that her uncle lived in the 500 block of Kenilworth, and had a female roommate that he shared the house with. The roommate had threatened to shoot her uncle on several occasions, and even though she did not live at the house, had made threats to shoot her also. After an investigation, a warrant was obtained for the 72-yoa roommate. She was arrested without incident and will answer to the charge of Aggravated Menacing at RRMC.

Elder Scammed

On 10/01/2022, at 1902 hrs, a Longbeach resident reported that an elderly friend of his had been the victim of a fraud involving thousands of dollars in gift cards. Police are investigating.

Barking Dog

On 10/02/2022, at 0359 hrs, a resident in the 30000 block of Ashton Lane called BVPD to report she was woken by her barking dog, and when she looked out the window there was a male standing in her front yard. Officers were dispatched to the area but were unable to locate the male. A check of her property turned up nothing unusual.

Construction Complaint

On 10/03/2022, at 0721 hrs, a resident on Fordham called to report a neighbor’s construction crew had started construction before the legal 0800 hrs. starting time. The contractor was located advised of the legal starting time.


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