Why Your Basement Should Never Flood

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Summer 2023 has brought some heavy rains.

Along with those rains comes, unfortunately, wet and flooded basements.

What can be done about it?

In response to wet weather over the years, the Westlake Engineering Dept. updates their excellent Flood Mitigation Brochure.

Basement flooding, of course, is unacceptable. If proper mitigation techniques are utilized, your basement should be dry. The key is in finding out how water infiltration is occurring and to use proper techniques for mitigation.

And, according to Westlake City Engineer James J. Smolik, P.E., if you contract for a water mitigation plan privately, it is wise to have it verified by a second expert opinion before spending a lot of money.

“Over the years, the City of Westlake has been a leader among communities in providing public education and outreach to mitigating basement flooding, with the notion that a home can be safeguarded from water,” says Smolik.

“One of the City’s education tools is the Mitigating Wet or Flooded Basements brochure, in which residents learn the basic types of basement flooding and how it can be mitigated.

“This brochure has been so successful, that about a dozen communities in north-east Ohio are using it or a modified version of it for their own residents.”

Flood proofing is complex. To start, verify that all your exterior plumbing is in good working order. It is possible to flood your basement from water from your own yard due to blocked foundation drains. Downspout leaders and storm connectors must be clear to maintain positive drainage away from your house. Have adequate pumping capacity from a sump pump.

Education is key to proper flood mitigation. Using proper technique is critical. Westlake has professional experts on staff to make sure you spend your hard earned money wisely, and other cities are adopting Westlake’s policy on education as the first line of flood defense.

Read the Westlake Flood Study here: https://www.cityofwestlake.org/DocumentCenter/View/155/Wet-Flooded-Basement-Brochure-PDF?bidId= or click the brochure below.

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