Healthy Smile: Protect Your Smile

by Hiralben Patel, DDS of The Healthy Smile

Recently, I had seen a 16 year old boy who “chipped” his front tooth while playing basketball. When he came in for the emergency visit, I noticed more than half of his front tooth was broken and part of the nerve was exposed. He was in a lot of pain, and more so concerned whether his smile would ever look normal again. The young gentleman had a lot of concerns and was afraid he would lose his confidence. I reassured him everything was going to be okay and that I would take care of him.

All your teeth are very important, but your front teeth are very important for your smile. Front teeth give you confidence and are often the first to be noticed.

We had to do a root canal, as the tooth had faced trauma and was infected. After completing a successful root canal, we built the tooth up and prepared it for a dental crown. After the patient went home, I called him to check on how he was feeling. He felt great—the pain he was in from the broken tooth had disappeared after the root canal treatment. After the permanent crown was seated, the patient couldn’t believe his eyes. He was extremely happy with the outcome, and his mom was happy to see her son smiling again! I felt very accomplished that I was able to help a young man smile again. More importantly, he regained his confidence to tackle his daily life.

We were able to help this patient, but for all the parents whose children are playing sports I recommended that they wear a mouthguard. Wearing a mouth guard can prevent teeth from breaking in the instance of trauma. All the professional players wear a mouthguard, and so should anyone playing sports. It is a simple way to protect one of the most important assets anyone can have: their smile.

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