Property Reappraisal Process Underway in Cuyahoga County

Sexennial Reappraisal Process Underway in Cuyahoga County

Fiscal Officer appraisers will view and value all residential and commercial properties in coming weeks 

Licensed appraisers will soon be visiting residential and commercial properties in Cuyahoga County.

Contractors who are licensed appraisers will join employees from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer’s Appraisal Division to begin conducting comprehensive field review and valuation of all parcels within Cuyahoga County on Monday, October 2, 2023. The reappraisal process is expected to continue through April 30, 2024, and will include approximately 522,000 residential and commercial properties.

To ensure they are identifiable to residents, all Fiscal Officer appraisers will have Cuyahoga County issued picture identification. As an added measure of security, all vehicles will have signage visible in the front and rear windows.

Cuyahoga County is notifying all Mayors and Police Chiefs before work begins in their jurisdictions.

The Fiscal Officer is required to reappraise all real property in the County every six years. This sexennial reappraisal is mandated by the tax commissioner for the State of Ohio, as stated in the Ohio Revised Code, Section 5713.01.

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