Westlake Woman Bilked for $15 Grand by Facebook Scammer

Westlake Police logoIt has not been a good week for those clinging to faith in human nature.  Westlake Police news for the week shows man’s inhumanity to his brother is everywhere.


Bilked by Facebook Scammer

A 24-year-old Westlake woman was Facebook-friended by a supposed US serviceman stationed in the UK. He asked for monetary help in shipping his belongings back. She sent a total of $15,500 in 3 bank and Western Union transactions to a “company” and a “doctor” who were assisting the “serviceman.”  When she was asked for another $17,000, she realized she had been scammed and reported the matter on March 6.


Keys Stolen, Apartment Robbed

After a March 1 party, a Detroit Rd. woman spent the night at the host’s apartment and thought she lost her keys. When she returned to her own apartment, she found the door standing ajar and called WPD. Her TV and jewelry had been taken. It turns out that another guest (34-year-old Bay Village man) took her keys and also stole property from the host. The suspect’s mother allowed officers to search his room where many of the items were recovered. The TV had been left at a Bay Village park and was recovered by BVPD. The suspect was arrested later on March 2 at his girlfriend’s Hunters Chase Dr. apartment and confessed to stealing all the above mentioned property. He faces Burglary, Theft of Credit Cards, and Theft charges. He also had active warrants from Elyria PD, Linndale PD, and Lakewood PD.


Tax IDs Stolen

A Berringer Run man got a letter from the IRS advising that his 2013 return was being examined. This was disconcerting, as he had not sent it in yet. As part of the IRS’s investigation, he filed a report with WPD on March 4. A Dover Center Rd. woman reported the same thing on March 5; the IRS rejected her 2013 tax return because someone filed previously using her social security number.


Dad Cusses Out Officers

A 24-year-old Solon man was involved in a crash on March 2 at 4:51PM on Clague Rd. He was found to be under the influence of Rx drugs and arrested for OVI. His 52-year-old father (of Bay Village) showed up at the scene and kept interfering with the investigation, despite being told 6 times to stay out of it. After cussing the officers out he left, then came back and started taking items out of his son’s Jeep. He was arrested for Obstructing Official Business.


Car Thefts

A Lakewood woman’s 2000 Honda Accord had the catalytic converter cut off of it at a Sperry Dr. hotel on the night of March 2. No suspects.

A Westlake woman’s 2000 Honda Civic had items stolen from it while parked on Hunters Chase Dr. The passenger front window was broken out on the night of March 2 and the in-dash stereo and speakers were taken.


Woman Knocked Down by Boyfriend

A 20-year-old Cleveland woman was knocked down twice on March 4 at 11:32PM after an argument at her 24-year-old boyfriend’s home on Canterbury Rd. He was arrested for Assault


Suspicious Phone Calls

On March 3, three Westlake residents received suspicious phone calls originating from 614.524.4801 asking about their Honeywell or other security systems. Two of the recipients said the caller had an accent. A Google search of that number reveals numerous Internet postings from people who received the same sort of dubious call from that number, which is always busy or not answered when called back. Another resident received the same sort of heavily-accented call on March 6.


Theft Interrupted at AutoNation       

An employee of Autonation Ford on Center Ridge Rd. interrupted the theft of a 2007 Chevrolet Impala on March 5 at 11:34PM. He noted the vehicle running in the lot and a male walking around near it. When the employee approached the Impala and took the keys out of the ignition, the male ran to a minivan and drove off. The suspect is a 5/9 balding white male in his 40s or 50s. A white female was also in the minivan. The employee provided the license plate number of the minivan and the investigation continues.


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