Westlake Police: OVI Driver Nearly Strikes Officer

A 26-year-old Westlake man was charged with Felony OVI on April 18 at 2:29AM. He had come so close to a police cruiser at a traffic stop on Detroit Rd. that the officer had to jump out of the way. An intoxicated 26-year old passenger (IL man) was arrested on WPD, Cleveland, and North Ridgeville warrants and for Open Container and DCI. The driver also had steroids and hypos in his possession: he faces Failure to Approach Public Safety Vehicle with Caution, Possession of Drugs, and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments. He has 3 prior OVI convictions since 2012. He refused a breath test.

Senior Citizen Shakedowns ContinueWestlake Police logo

A 76-year-old Westlake woman was conned out of $30,000 by repeat callers who had her wire the money overseas on the pretense that her son-in-law had been arrested in Mexico, report Westlake Police. The scam collapsed on April 18 when a caller asked for more money; the victim knew that the son-in-law was working at his Fairview Park home.

An 85-year-old Fairview Park man had his wallet stolen on the evening of April 19. He was jostled in the vestibule of a Sperry Dr. restaurant; when he got home, he noticed his wallet missing. A credit card had been used twice for $2484 worth of charges, but the bank refused to allow the transactions.


A TN woman suspect that movers stole her $500 Taurus .38cal revolver while they transported her belongings from her former Westlake home on April 16. They deny ever having seen any firearm.

A $450 Honda rototiller was taken from an unlocked shed on Southbridge Dr. on the night of April 19. The owner’s dog was barking around 11:30PM that night and he suspects that is when the property was taken.

$70 worth of steaks were taken from a Detroit Rd. grocery store on April 20 at 1pm. The suspect is known (by appearance only, not by name) to the staff, as he has stolen from other stores in the chain before.

5 handbags worth $195 were stolen from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on April 21 at 8:14PM. The suspects were one black female and one black male. The female had short hair that was black and blonde, was wearing a hoodie with sweatpants and was carrying a black tote.  The male was wearing a black hoodie with a black beanie hat. The suspects left in a red sedan.

No Shortcuts

A 27-year-old Westlake man decided that he would drive through a gas station (instead of obeying the traffic signal and signs at the Crocker-Clemens Rds. intersection) on April 17 at 9:28PM. He was stopped and cited for Drug Paraphernalia; his 26-year-old Westlake man passenger was cited for having an Open Container of beer.

Miscellaneous Mayhem  

Income tax refunds frauds: April 20 Settlers Reserve way couple (US); Belmont Dr. woman (US, 2011, 2012, and 2014 returns); April 21 Interlachen Ln. man (US) and Royal Woods Pl. woman (US);

A complaint about loud music at 3:11PM on April 17 brought an officer to a Dellwood Dr. home. There he found an 18-year-old man in the driveway smoking marijuana from a bong. He was cited for Drug Paraphernalia and also directed to explain his behavior to his grandmother, who had come outside to see what was going on.

A 43-year-old Prestwick Crossing man reported being threatened by a 28-year-old North Olmsted man on April 17. While on the phone with a third person, the victim heard the suspect saying that he would do bodily harm to him. The City prosecutor ruled to charge the suspect with Menacing.

An intoxicated 35-year-old Avon man was hanging around a Detroit Rd. gas station around 5AM on April 18. His badly damaged pickup was found nearby; he had been in a hit-skip crash in North Olmsted around 2:30AM. NOPD impounded the truck; WPD arrested him for DCI.

A 2012 Honda Civic which belongs to a 24-year-old North Olmsted woman had the windshield shattered while it was parked at her workplace on the night of April 17. A company garden tool was used. She suspects an ex-boyfriend.

Three males were seen cavorting on a piece of construction equipment on Crocker Rd. at 7:28PM on April 19. An intox 19-year-old Fairview Park was arrested for DCI and Resisting Arrest; his two companions ran off, but came to the police station on April 20 asking after their friend. They were IDed as a 20-year-old Fairview Park man and a 21-year-old Lakewood man. They will be sent summonses for Trespassing.

A Detroit Rd. restaurant was the scene of a fracas between the 56-year-old owner and a 38-year-old employee. They pushed each other after the employee was fired, resulting his twisting his ankle. Prosecutor to rule.

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