Bay Police: Close Call for Bicylists

Bay Village Police report a close call for a group of kids who were scattered after a car swerved into the bike lane last week.

On 04/17/2017, at 09:45 PM, Bay Village received a call from a motorist who was following a Honda CRV east bound on Walker Road, approaching Bay Village. At one point, the Honda had swerved into the bike lane, forcing a group of kids to jump out of the way and into the grass. police_bay-village2_disclaimer

The Honda was stopped by a Bay Village officer. When first contacting the female driver, the officer noted a tissue stuffed up her nose. She stated she was on her way to St. John Medical Center for a bloody nose, but her nose was not bleeding.

After failing the roadside sobriety tests, the 31-year old Avon Lake resident was arrested for OVI. She was processed at the station and since she refused to call anyone for a ride was held several hours before being released on personal bond.

“I’m Sorry that I’m Drunk”

On 04/18/2017, at 10:45 PM, Westlake PD received a call from a motorist on I-90 who said they were nearly struck by a black GMC. The complainant followed the GMC as it exited I-90 at Crocker Rd. A Bay Village officer spotted the GMC north bound on Bradley and stopped it after noting several driving infractions. The 25-year old Avon resident failed the sobriety tests, at one point stating, “”I’m sorry that I’m drunk.” He was arrested and taken back to the police station for processing before being released on personal bond to a sober adult.

Male in Distress

At 04/21/2017, at 05:50 AM, Bay Village Police received two 911 calls about a male who might be in distress. He was in the street, Wolf Rd near the high school, waving down cars. The second caller said he almost struck the male. The 24-year old male from Lakewood was found to be under the influence of alcohol, and possibly drugs. He was taken into custody and charged into Rocky River Municipal Court for Disorderly Conduct.

Stolen Kia

On 04/21/2017, at 09:26 PM, an officer on routine patrol found a maroon KIA SUV stopped in the east bound lane of Lake Road, near Porter Creek. The KIA turned out to be stolen out of Euclid and the driver had a Felony Warrant with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office. The 38-year old male from Cleveland was taken into custody. The KIA was towed back to the station for processing.

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