Overdose – A Picture Says it All!

If you need a reason to wear your seat belt this summer, just take a look at this guy who spun out on I-90 in Westlake this month after a heroin overdose.

5 doses of narcan were needed to wake this guy up after he OD’ed and spun out on I-90 this month.

The 30 year old Bedford man ODed on heroin and spun out on the Columbia Rd. exit of I-90 Westbound on June 3, report Police.

He was revived with 5 doses of narcan on scene by WPDers. He was cited for OVI after being transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD. A urine sample was sent to the Medical Examiner’s Ofc.

Think we’ll wear our seat belt extra tight as long as guys like this are on the road!