Police Reports

Unclaimed Bikes at Bay Police Dept.

Over the past 18 months, the Bay Village Police Department has taken possession of many unclaimed bicycles. Many of these bikes are relatively new and in excellent condition but have no Bay bike license. They have been checked against our reported stolen bicycles and remain unidentified. In order to facilitate the return of these bikes to their rightful owners, the ... Read More »

Tasered Suspect Runs 3 Blocks While Handcuffed

A tasered suspect ran three blocks while handcuffed behind his back in an effort to escape authorities in Mansfield yesterday, report US Marshals. Members of the U.S. Marshals Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested Andre Powell, age 21, hiding in a residence in Mansfield. Powell was wanted for a parole violation on an original charge of burglary, a felony ... Read More »

Fairview Police Bust Theft Ring

Fairview Police were called to Kohl’s Department Store on November 16  on a report of a group of males stealing items and making fraudulent returns. As police were arriving, the suspects were leaving in a vehicle, which was subsequently stopped. Five occupants were detained, three arrested for attempting the fraudulent returns. The other two subjects had outstanding warrants from N ... Read More »

Rocky River Police: Car Chase Nabs Four

A car chase in Rocky River on Nov. 11 ended with four of five suspects apprehended. At 11:10 a.m., Fairview Park Police requested mutual aid from Westlake PD and RRPD in stopping and apprehending several indviduals that were fleeing in a stolen car.  The pursuit continued from Fairview Park into Rocky River where the vehicle eventually pulled into a driveway ... Read More »

Westlake Police: Winter Scorecard

The first wintery blast of the season had Westlake Police busy at the end of last week. Totals for the first snowfall of the season, Nov. 13 PM rush hour through Nov. 14 AM rush hour: 9 accidents, 8 spinouts or disabled vehicles. WWI (Walking While Intoxicated) An intoxicated 38-year-old man staggered along the Hilliard Blvd. sidewalk on Nov. 6 ... Read More »

Bay Police: Package Stolen

A Florence Court resident called Bay Village Police to report a package containing $90.00 worth of merchandise was stolen off of his front porch on Nov. 5. Police are investigating. Attempted Break In? On 11/06/2014, at 2054 hrs, a Cahoon Rd. resident called BVPD to report that had just witnessed 5 juveniles attempt to get into his locked truck.  Police ... Read More »

Westlake Police: Craigslist Scam Spotted

A Detroit Rd. business offered a $300 set of 4 wheels for sale on craigslist, report Westlake Police. A male from TX expressed an interest in buying them and sent an $1850 check (the check was drawn on an IL man’s account). This all looked phony to the seller, and he did not ship the merchandise; the check turned out ... Read More »

Rocky River Police: Leaf Blower Gone with the Wind

A Glendale Drive resident reports blowing leaves with his leaf blower.  He took a break to answer a phone call and left his blower on the front lawn.  He looked out and saw a female exit from a white panel van and steal his blower and take off in the van which was being driven by another individual.  Rocky River ... Read More »

Rocky River Man Indicted for Rape of Two Teenage Girls

Keith Papalko, 57, of Rocky River, has been indicted for sexual assaulting two teenage girls, ages 15 and 17, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty announced today. The Grand Jury charged Papalko with three counts of Rape, three counts of Kidnapping, four counts of Gross Sexual Imposition, one count of Complicity and one count of Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles. ... Read More »

Bay Village Police Lead in $526K Fraud Bust

In June of 2010, a Bay Village resident reported her checking account number had been compromised and utilized on a number of fabricated checks.  Those fabricated checks were cashed at local banks by various individuals for a total of $43,000. Bay Village Police Department began an extensive investigation which exposed a much larger fraud enterprise.  Bay Village Police worked cooperatively ... Read More »