Police Reports

Westlake Police: Driver Alters Plates with Magic Marker

Altering your license plates with magic marker will not magically keep you out of trouble! Westlake Police stopped a driver last week who had use Magic Marker to change the expiration date on his license plate. This becomes patently obvious once you are stopped for a traffic violation. The 30-year-old Oberlin man found this out on Oct. 26 at 10:29 ... Read More »

Delinquent Juvenile Arrested in Fairview

A Fairview Park police  officer observed a juvenile riding a bike in the 19700 block of Lorain Rd. While inhaling something from an aerosol can on Oct. 27. A stop was made of the 15 year old North Olmsted resident. A total of three aerosol cans were found on the youth and confiscated. He initially gave a false name to ... Read More »

Rocky River Police: Medical Mystery

Rocky River Police responded to a Wooter Road 911 call last week received from a male reporting his brother unresponsive with unknown problem. Officers arrived to assist along with the fire department. Numerous heroin syringes, drugs and paraphernalia were located. The man was transported to the hospital for a drug overdose. Blame it on the Browns A Rocky River policeofficer ... Read More »

$70K Benz Swiped in Westlake

A $70,000 Mercedes Benz GL450 was stolen from a Sperry Forge Trl. home on the night of Oct. 28. Marks on the pavement suggest it was dragged out of the driveway. The stolen Mercedes Benz has turned up in Valley View Friday morning, Oct. 31. VVPD reports it seems to have no damage and will be towed. The owner was ... Read More »

Dover Gardens Car Crash Police Dashcam Videos

Avon Police have released Dashcam videos of the Dover Gardens Tavern car crash and pursuit that took place the evening of Oct. 23. In a press release, Avon Police describe the incident: On 10/23/14 at approximately 2046 hrs., the Avon Police Department copied radio traffic from the Avon Lake Police Department of an in progress theft of a motor vehicle ... Read More »

North Olmsted Shoplifter Rings Ups 24 Cent Sale

A man was arrested at Home Depot in North Olmsted after he had rung up a 24-cent sale on top of allegedly pilfering a pile of tools. The man, report police, said he took the items for a job he was doing and couldn’t afford to pay for them. The case unfolded on 10/21/14 at approximately 1753 hrs. North Olmsted ... Read More »

Bay Police Caution on Leaf Fires

Bay Village Police have issued a caution on leaf fires. On 10/26/2014, at 1501 hrs, a resident on Oakmoor reported a car was on a leaf pile and everything is burning. Police and fire were dispatched. The BVPD would like to remind everyone of two things: it’s illegal to place leaves in the street and don’t park a car on ... Read More »

Fairview Students Investigated for Stolen Property

Fairivew Park Police report that officers were sent to the high school on Oct. 17 on a report of possible stolen merchandise having been recovered by the principal. Information of the stolen property had been given to him a parent. Investigation revealed at least three 15 year old students were involved. Items would be stolen from local stores and offered ... Read More »

Westlake Police: Contractor Cleans Out Westlake Homeowner

Westlake Police report that a Georgia Drive resident hired a Lorain contractor he found online in September to work on his house and gave him access to a key while the owner went out of town. The owner paid $5500 up front (never a good idea) and asked a friend to keep an eye on the work’s progress. On Oct. ... Read More »

Suspect Named in Dover Gardens Car Crash

Westlake Police have identified the suspect in last night’s Dover Gardens Car Crash as Brandon L. Pawlak (date of birth 5-9-88)  of Cleveland. Police report he has not had a valid license since 2004. Westlake Police report they have an Aggravated Robbery warrant for him. Past criminal history items include felony fleeing from Cuyahoga County in 2011, report Police. They ... Read More »